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ARENA X ESPORTS was started on 25 December, 2021 with a vision to work for the upliftment of Esports in India. We are dedicated to provide a trusted and safety environment to underdogs and help them to achieve the new hights in Esports. Esports is life for us, and we are built for Esports.

About Us

Arena X Esports is the organisation dedicated to provide the stage to all underdogs from all over the India


We want to make a trusted environment for all Esports activities. We are looking further to provide opportunities to Esports community in various games.

Working System

We are working with some ordinary staff but with their extraordinary approach, to make sure that every single member of Esports community feels proud to stay and work in Esports.

Work To Be Done

For the Upcoming years we would like to take the Esports community with us to create the remarkable upliftment of Esports all over the world. Below are the some of our target/goals.

What we can do for you ?

Services provided by us

Esports Management

Esports- This industry is booming. Our Esports team will manager the Invited teams our clients/partners Tournaments.

Content creator

Search for a good and quality content provider? You are at the right place. Connect with us let us know about yourself.

Marketing Services

Marketing needs creative and experience minds and that's where we come. Our Marketing team works with our clients/partners to scale their business with us.

Creatives Services

One stop destination for them who are in search of good and crazy GFX & VFX team. Our creatives team comes in India TOP 5 creatives team.

Let's talk about our Milestones

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